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Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Our services in the field of Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Restructuring or even bankruptcy is an exceptional situation for every company in which everyone involved is under enormous pressure. The decisive factor for the success of the restructuring is whether those responsible succeed in transparently informing all of the company’s key stakeholders about the current situation, convincing them of the path they have taken and building trust in a positive future.

Using tactically planned process communication, we clearly convey hard changes and cuts and strengthen our belief in the company. Employees, financiers, customers, suppliers, politicians, trade unions, NGOs or the general public have very different demands on the design and depth of communication. Tactically adjusted messages, a deep understanding of the needs of the different stakeholders and the strategic planning of tailored formats make it possible to convince even in this difficult company phase.


Restructuring, transaction and strategic realignment of a trading company


One of the leading retail companies in its segment is facing the greatest restructuring and realignment in its long history. As part of a strategic alliance with an industry partner, all of the company’s processes are restructured and optimized, additional business areas are opened up and an ambitious expansion strategy is implemented.

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