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Conflict Management & Dialogue

If two or more parties cannot reach an agreement in a dispute, a conflict will necessarily arise. This is often the case in disputes within the framework of collective bargaining, but also with other market participants, in extensive legal disputes, politics, NGOs or other stakeholders, conflicts can arise.

All of these conflicts have in common that they pose a risk to the reputation of the company and that the correct handling of communication is of central importance for the implementation of one’s own position.

Our services in the field of Conflict Management & Dialogue


Deadlocked wage conflicts divide the workforce


One of the leading operators of health facilities in Germany has been facing an increasingly escalating wage dispute for over three years. Several rounds of negotiations with the collective bargaining partner, the United Services Union (ver.di), did not lead to an agreement and there was an indefinite strike, which was followed by up to 20 percent of the workforce.

The wage conflict and in particular the strike led to increasing strain on the workforce as well as political and media pressure. The employer’s reputation, particularly with payers, referring health care facilities and potential patients, was significantly jeopardized.

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