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About us

The success of corporate decisions is largely influenced by their communication.

ZIEGLER ESSENTIALS is a leading communications consultancy in Germany for critical situations. We have been helping our customers with special challenges for over 20 years. Our diverse experience from over 150 successful projects shows the enormous importance and added value of communication:

  • In corporate crises we protect our clients’ reputation, guide them into calm waters, establish crisis management systems and prepare them preventively for crisis situations.
  • With profound change and transaction processes, we convince all essential stakeholders of their necessity, activate and motivate the relevant employees, take care of the external impact on customers and business partners and thus help to develop the full power of the transformation or transaction.
  • In emerging or worsening conflict situations between, for example, employers, works councils or unions, we build bridges and take alternative solutions to conflict resolution. We work closely with the leading law firms and lawyers in collective labor law.

Every challenge is different. Our service is therefore not a standard solution, but tailored to fit the customer and the current situation in a highly individual manner. At the same time, we use state-of-the-art technologies and efficient processes in the workflow. This allows us to use the most valuable resource we have – our time – to create value for our customers.