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Annual Review: That was 2020

Ulf Ziegler

Spring 2021

At the beginning of the new year, we at ZIEGLER ESSENTIALS would like to pause for a moment and review the past year. 2020 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, which posed an unprecedented challenge for all of us and will probably be with us for a while. As for so many, our work has also changed in times of home office and video conferencing. Even if we miss the personal contact very much, we are glad that our work is hardly restricted thanks to the various technical possibilities. But the issues that concern our customers and us must now also be considered in the context of the pandemic. In 2020, we were particularly occupied with projects from the following subject areas.



Crisis management & crisis communication during cyber attacks

The risk of companies falling victim to a cyber attack has increased noticeably in recent years; more than 100,000 such security incidents were registered in 2019. Accordingly, we have further expanded our competencies in this area in 2020 in order to best prepare our customers for cyber attacks in a preventive manner and to provide them with advice in acute crisis situations. In this area, we cooperate with market-leading IT security companies and offer comprehensive crisis management and IT security services together with them.


Conflict resolution thanks to moderation and intensive dialogue

Stalled collective bargaining with trade unions, internal conflict situations with the works council or even legal disputes require intensive dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. Based on this conviction, we further developed our solutions for conflict management in companies in 2020.

We had the privilege of supporting one of Germany’s leading healthcare service managers in resolving an increasingly escalating collective bargaining in the mutual interest of the employees and the employer. With an open-ended, internal dialogue process, we succeeded in reconciling the interests of both parties.

Otherwise, 2020 was again characterized by a large number of communications projects, some of which were very challenging. These included corona test stations for vacation returnees in southern Germany, reputation protection and organizational conflicts in the maritime sector, and the development and implementation of preventive crisis communication manuals and processes.

We face 2021 with great anticipation for the projects ahead and do not give up hope of returning to normality soon.

Ulf Ziegler – Founder & Managing Partner