Annual Review: That was 2019

December 2019

Shortly before Christmas we would like to stop and look back on the past 12 months. For ZIEGLER ESSENTIALS, 2019 was an eventful year with many exciting projects. We were particularly concerned with three major subject areas.

Crisis communication out of passion

Right at the beginning of the year, our crisis communication experts were challenged. In accompanying the corruption scandal surrounding the Gorch Fock sailing school ship, ZIEGLER Essentials was entrusted with one of the media’s most noticed compliance incidents in 2019. We took over ad hoc crisis communication for our client and ensured neutral, balanced reporting in the interests of our client.

In-house solutions instead of wage conflicts

In 2019, wage conflicts were once again on the agenda of many companies. We are observing that the fronts between employer and employee representatives are hardening. We see one reason for this in the fact that companies today face challenges and upheavals that are difficult to reconcile with classic tariff models.

In 2019, our dialog-based methods for (tariff) conflict resolution were again well received. Among other things, we were able to successfully accompany market-leading companies in the health sector and the automotive industry in internal and collective conflict situations.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Dialogue & Campaigning as the key

Last but not least, we further expanded our services in the field of innovative formats in the stakeholder dialog in 2019. Large public dialogue campaigns were planned in 2019, crises were averted by early dialogue with critical stakeholders, and innovative solutions to complex problems were developed together with all parties involved. We are particularly proud that we have been able to support a global leader in the maritime industry within its social responsibility since 2019.

Ulf Ziegler – Founder & Managing Partner